Magento & Spotler SendPro

Your Magento webshop customers will no longer miss any important mail.

No more worrying about whether your customers are receiving your messages

Recognise this: ‘Check your spam folder. Maybe our message was delivered there’ or ‘My customer can’t see the account details of their invoice’? Unfortunately, this is very common. But rest assured, with SendPro this is a thing of the past. Our SendPro Magento integration ensures that all important messages are delivered immediately as soon as a customer places an order. Including all important details.

Emails in your brand

Stop using the standard Magento templates and send transactional emails that match the look and feel of your online shop. In your colours, with your images and in your unique style.

Real-time statistics

Wondering how to contact people who leave their shopping basket? Or who clicks on recommended products? SendPro gives you insights that you can use to improve your transactional email flows.

Save time

SendPro ensures that order and order information arrives in your inbox. Should that still fail one time, you will be notified immediately.

What is included in the SendPro Magento 2 integration?

  • Hands-on onboarding manager
  • Magento Wrapper with a header and footer in custom branding
  • SPF, DKIM, and DMARC installation guide
  • Opens & Clicks tracking
  • Multiple email types categorised into independent email flows
  • Archive messages
  • Bounce Manager
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