Maileon & Spotler Connect

Maileon Integration

Successful marketing automation relies on using the right data. With Spotler Connect, you can normalise, automate, and control the transfer of customer data used in your marketing automation flows in Maileon. You can be up and running with this integration within hours. Have a custom campaign? The mapping and filtering options in Spotler Connect offer extensive possibilities.

The Maileon integration processes the following data streams:

  • Customer Profiles (Contacts)
  • Orders
  • Checkouts

Customer Profiles

In Spotler Connect, customer profiles are automatically created as soon as one of your connected sales channels reports it; for example, during a sale, an abandoned cart, or a newsletter subscription. These customer profiles are recorded in real-time in your Maileon environment. If a customer profile is updated in Maileon or in a connected integration, the change is immediately reflected across all platforms.


When new orders are received in Spotler Connect, they are also immediately created in Maileon.


If Spotler Connect detects an abandoned checkout in one of your connected integrations, the associated customer profile is instantly forwarded to Maileon.

Activate your Maileon integration

To integrate Maileon, register an account with Spotler Connect for free. Through our self-onboarding, you can configure your integration with just a few clicks. Spotler Connect will take care of the rest and within 15 minutes your integration can be up and running.

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