Meta Pro

With the Conversions API, you synchronise first-party data in real-time from Spotler Activate to Meta and back. This leads to higher match rates (EMQ scores), reaching larger audiences, and improving the relevance of your advertising campaigns on Facebook and Instagram.

Future-proof first-party data solution

Third-party cookies are on their way out, which has significant implications for data collection and online advertising. We are becoming more reliant on first-party data and the data exchange solutions that advertising platforms themselves provide. With Spotler Activate’s Meta Conversions API, you ensure that your Facebook and Instagram campaigns continue to receive the correct data—even when third-party cookies are blocked.


With the Meta Conversions API, you only use first-party data, making you fully GDPR-compliant. This allows you to use customer data securely for advertising purposes, even when first-party cookies are unavailable.

EMQ dashboard

Spotler Activate’s Conversions API comes with a clear EMQ dashboard. Here, you’ll find EMQ scores that indicate how accurately events are matched with Meta user profiles. The higher this score, the more valuable the events and the cleaner your data.


Continuous optimisation

Because your Meta campaigns receive purer data, match rates increase, and conversion measurements become more precise. This makes optimisation easier and leads to better results. Not only in Meta but also through other channels.

Connecting events with profiles through matching keys

Spotler Activate’s Meta Pro connector enriches pixel data with a line of code that assigns matching keys (e.g., email addresses) to events (e.g., viewing a product). In other words, the behaviour of an (anonymous) Meta user is linked to a profile. The connector then sends this information via the server as a complete package in real-time to Meta, where it becomes available for advertising purposes.

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