Meta Facebook Custom Audiences & Spotler Connect

Facebook Integration

Technology never stands still, so why should you as an entrepreneur? It’s time to rethink e-commerce in a new, smarter way. With Spotler Connect, you don’t link e-commerce platforms individually but connect them once with Spotler Connect. In one central platform, you can import and export orders, customers, products, and inventory. The result? No technical maintenance on the integrations, optimised order processing, and more time to make your customers happy.

Facebook Audiences Integration

Standing out in the digital landscape requires showing truly relevant ads to customers, which is more important than ever. With the Facebook Audiences integration from Spotler Connect, you can create in-depth selections of customer groups for targeted advertising, without relying on third-party tracking cookies. This works on both Facebook and Instagram with a single integration.

The Facebook Custom Audiences integration of Spotler Connect processes the following data streams from Spotler Connect: ‘Customers’.

How Does the Facebook Audiences Integration Work?

On Facebook, you can show ads to specific groups of Facebook profiles (the so-called Audiences). Through Spotler Connect, you can continuously update these Audiences with new or updated profiles based on customer information available from your integrations.

Creating Audiences

A practical example is targeting customers who made a purchase three months ago with an ad. Via your source integration or marketing automation, you set up a continuously updated selection with a specific interest area or tag, such as ‘retargeting3’. In Facebook Ads Management, you create an ad for the Custom Audience ‘retargeting3’. Spotler Connect then populates the Audience.

Providing Profiles to Facebook

Spotler Connect securely provides customer information to Facebook. Facebook then matches this information with the data known from a Facebook profile. If a match is made, the respective profile is placed in the corresponding Custom Audience on Facebook. Documentation on the technical workings of this integration can be found in our knowledge base.

Activate Your Facebook Integration

To integrate Facebook, register for a free account with Spotler Connect. Through our self-onboarding process, you can configure your integration with just a few clicks. Spotler Connect takes care of the rest, and within 15 minutes, your integration can be operational.

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