Osano is a data privacy platform that helps businesses manage and ensure compliance with global privacy laws such as GDPR, CCPA, and others. It provides tools for cookie consent management, data subject request management, vendor risk monitoring, and compliance assessments. Osano aims to simplify the complexities of data privacy regulations, making it easier for businesses to protect user data and maintain compliance with evolving legal requirements.

Why integrate Osano with Spotler?

Integrating Osano with Spotler enhances your data privacy and compliance efforts within your marketing activities. This integration allows you to manage cookie consent and data subject requests directly within your marketing workflows, ensuring that your campaigns adhere to global privacy regulations. By combining Osano’s compliance tools with Spotler’s marketing capabilities, you can create a transparent and trustworthy environment for your customers, improving their confidence and engagement with your brand while staying compliant with data privacy laws.

Integrate Osano to our products

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