Shopify & Spotler Connect

Shopify integration

Technology doesn’t stand still, so why should you as an entrepreneur? It’s time to think about e-commerce in a new, smarter way. With Spotler Connect, you don’t link e-commerce platforms individually, but once with Spotler Connect. In one central platform, you import and export orders, customers, products and stock. The result? No technical maintenance on the links, optimised order processing and therefore more time to spend on making your customers happy.

Shopify Webshop Integration

With the Shopify integration from Spotler Connect, you gain control over all relevant data streams to optimise your order processing. You can automatically import and export orders to the appropriate platforms for processing and send leads to marketing automation for campaigns. Products and inventory are updated across all your connected platforms by Spotler Connect.

The integration processes the following data:

  • Orders
  • Products
  • Inventory
  • Shipments
  • Checkouts
  • Customer Profiles


As soon as an order is placed in Shopify, it is imported into Spotler Connect. From there, the order is forwarded to other connected integrations. Using e-fulfilment? The order is then sent there to start processing immediately.


When you create a new product in Shopify, it can be directly created as a (draft) product in your other suitable channels. Through the central product in Spotler Connect, you can see at a glance which products you sell or manage on which platforms.


Inventory changes from other channels (such as e-fulfilment) are fed back to Shopify. Conversely, if inventory is changed in Shopify, it can be directly forwarded to your connected platforms. You don’t have to worry about selling more than you have in stock unless you want to collect backorders—this, and more, can be set up in your settings.


Do you process your orders through e-fulfilment or one of your other webshops? Once you have created a shipment, it is immediately forwarded to Shopify, including the tracking link. This way, your customer is always directly informed about their order.

Conversely, you can also synchronise (manually) created shipments in Shopify to orders in your other sales channels. It’s all about how you want to use your integration.


Spotler Connect enables you to collect checkouts from Shopify. These checkouts can be automatically forwarded to your connected marketing automation partner, allowing you to run campaigns such as abandoned cart recovery.

Customer Profiles & Newsletter Subscriptions

Spotler Connect can import customer profiles and stand-alone newsletter subscriptions from Shopify. These customer profiles can then be forwarded to one of your marketing channels to run effective retargeting campaigns.

Conversely, Spotler Connect also updates customer profile changes in connected channels within your Shopify. This way, customer data (such as opt-in status) is up to date across all platforms.

Activate your Shopify integration

To integrate Shopify, register an account with Spotler Connect for free. Through our self-onboarding, you can configure your integration with just a few clicks. Spotler Connect will take care of the rest and within 15 minutes your integration can be up and running.

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