Zapier is an integration platform that lets you pass data back and forth between your cloud-based applications, automating tasks and saving you time. There are more than 5,000 apps available, including our Spotler apps.

Integrating your applications

By integrating your applications and automating data flow, you’ll save time, get instantly updated information, reduce the opportunity for data to be missed or corrupted, and ultimately serve your customers more promptly and professionally.

Automate your processes

You no longer have to manually upload CSV files to your systems to make them work. Just automate!


Enrich your data

Get data from all the apps in your tech stack and use them in your CRM or email marketing campaigns.

Build your own app

Zapier lets you connect your Spotler products to every other app in its marketplace. This opens up a world of possibilities for creating your own apps.

Triggers & Actions

Zapier integration works by creating Triggers and Actions. A Trigger might be a new Contact being created in your CRM, or a new email arriving in Gmail. An Action could be the creation of a Task in your CRM, adding data to a spreadsheet or trigger an email automation. By putting together a Trigger with one or more Actions, you have what’s known as a “Zap”.

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