Audiences and segmentations

Quickly create the right audiences and segmentations

In Spotler Mail+ you can create target groups or audiences and create segmentations in just a few clicks.


Always end targeted mailings

In Spotler Mail+ you can create any possible target group based on fields in your contact database or based on click behaviour in your mailings. Adjust them again when your wishes and target groups change. With our editor, you can make simple, but also very extensive selections. You can also exclude contacts in the target group composition.

Make the right personalisations

Personalisation of emails has been proven to be effective. You can use the database fields in Spotler Mail+ for this. You can personalise your mailings with a salutation, in the subject line or via the sender of the message. It is also possible to send dynamic emails. This means that you show certain content blocks in your email to specific groups.

Actively work on database growth

Any mailing list that doesn’t receive attention shrinks. Bounce addresses or contacts unsubscribe from receiving your mailings. Numerous studies show that this decrease is about 20% per year. So you will have to actively work on database growth. Spotler is happy to help you. With registration forms, pop-ups and clear overviews of all bouncers and unsubscribers.

Learn from enriched profiles

Profiles are enriched by automatically storing information via clicks, campaigns, forms and surveys. Learn from it.

Use a pop-up

With a pop-up on your website you give website visitors a simple and direct way to register for your mailings. Make use of it.

Comply with GDPR

With the automated unsubscribe and bounce processing system you can easily comply with GDPR legislation.

Sync data

Connect your Customer Data Platform, CRM software and webshop software with Mail+ and synchronise data. This way you always email with up-to-date information.

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