Forms and surveys

Forms and surveys that convert

Create converting request forms and surveys with Spotler Mail+.


You can save the data obtained

You use forms for collecting data, requesting documents, event registrations and registrations for newsletters. You can save the obtained data in a format of your choice and you have the option to validate the answers. Useful if you want to use the data for personalisation and dynamic content

Connect to your customer journey

In addition to converting request forms, you can create and send complete surveys with our software. Consider an evaluation after a customer day or a customer satisfaction survey after the end of a project. In this way, Spotler Mail+ allows you to easily connect to different touchpoints in the customer journey of your contacts.

Embedding on your website

An e-mail confirmation, possibly with a copy of all answers, beautifully laid out in your own corporate identity immediately gives your visitors an optimal customer experience. Achieve this by ’embedding’ the forms on your website or by placing them on a landing page in Spotler Mail+. You can also format those pages in your own corporate identity. A lot is possible with Spotler Mail+.

Prefilling and conditional questions

You can prefill known data and only show relevant questions. Nice features of our forms and surveys. And good for the conversion.

Real-time reports

You can view the reports of your forms and surveys down to a personal level. You can share them with your colleagues. And of course, all results you can export to Excel.

Automatically close surveys

Have your form close automatically on the date and time of your choice. Or when a certain number of registrants or respondents have been reached. Ideal for events.

Digital Accessibility Act

It is good to know that our forms and surveys meet digital accessibility requirements.

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