Advanced features for transactional email

Your e-mails deserve a professional approach. SendPro offers you a comprehensive set of features to design your e-mails, deliver them to the inbox and gather insights in one clear platform.


Design an inbox experience like never before

Whether you’re sending order confirmations from your webshop, an invoice from your ERP, or a password forgotten email from your CRM – With SendPro, you centralise, optimise and analyse all transactional emails that leave your business. In addition to our state-of-the-art template builder, the platform offers a comprehensive set of features to create an inbox experience like never before.

Send e-mails from all your different brands and sources

Stop creating thousands of different templates: our template engine allows you to showcase your different brands in one email template. For example, do you send emails from both a B2C and a B2B webshop? Then don’t create two templates, just one very clever one!

Dynamic PDF attachments

Dynamically generated attachments are created when you need them: you no longer need an extra generator to create them. Simply send along the data you need, put them in a template and send them along with your emails!

Communicate with customers around the world

Really connecting with customers in the language they speak is easier than ever before with Spotler SendPro. Don’t waste time creating hundreds of translations of your emails and text messages, just put them in one template!

Deliver from source system to inbox in <1 second

Over the past few years, we’ve developed an infrastructure and MTA that is keen on delivering your emails where they belong: to the inbox. And with an average inbox placement of 99.8% and a delivery speed of less than 1 second, we’ve gotten pretty good at that.

Set up any source system, without synchronisation

Linking with SendPro is super easy. Set your preferred method, link your source system to our platform and email away! (You need to authenticate of course, but we’ve made that easy for you too!)

Domain Setup Wizard

The Domain Setup feature makes managing your domain and your clients’ domains much less challenging than doing it all by hand. Our Domain Setup is a very simple list of checks & crosses that domain setup entails – plus information on what to do.

How we paved the way to the inbox

Getting into the inbox is a skill in itself. Yet, as a sender, you always want to be able to assume that your emails end up there. To ensure that millions of emails a month arrive in the inbox on time, we take several technical measures at SendPro. The result is a delivery speed of <1 second and 99.8% inbox placement.

Track in real-time, know what’s happening with your email

Know exactly how recipients are interacting with your emails. Track & Report on delivery ratios, spam complaints, recipient information and behaviour: all easily linked back to your CDP or Business Intelligence tooling. So your whole team is always up to date.

Real-time Analytics; when you need it

Gain more insight into post-shipment behaviour. So you know whether your customer actually received that invoice, check whether the link to your offer is actually used and you can send messages to your customer again – even on a different email address.

Analyse bounces and track them automagically

SendPro’s bounce management module allows you to automatically retry sending a email to addresses that are soft bouncing. After several attempts, sending of the email is stopped. With the bounce management module, you can then track customer service to fix the email address in the contact database.

Link data back to your source or reporting system

The data SendProreceives about your emails, can also be quickly and easily linked back to another system. This way, you can also keep track in your accounting package or CRM system of which email addresses are not valid and which you no longer need to email to. This keeps your data quality guaranteed and your email reputation high.

Want to see and test SendPro

Want to see what SendPro has to offer? Curious about the possibilities for your organisation? Then schedule an online demo with one of our experts right away. Or request a free trial account. You can then test the software for 30 days without any obligations.

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