Advanced features for email

Your emails deserve a professional approach. SendPro offers you a comprehensive set of features to design your e-mails, deliver them to the inbox and gather insights in one easy-to-use platform.

Analyse your recipients’ email behaviour

Spotler SendPro’s real-time statistics and analytics allow you to optimise transactional emails with detailed recipient insights.

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Transactional email templates that follow your brand guidelines

Spotler SendPro allows you to send emails your customers love. Enrich the boring emails of your business apps with compelling designs, personalised attachments and a host of other features.

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Enrich your e-mails with dynamic attachments

No need to buy extra software to send an attachment. Just create them dynamically. With SendPro, create any attachment you want and add them directly to your messages.

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Increase your email delivery with Bounce Management

Spotler SendPro effectively handles undelivered emails by categorising bounces, maintaining bounce lists and facilitating corrections in email addresses.

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SendPro packages


SendPro Basic

Process all your outbound emails through one comprehensive platform. Rely on best-in-class email delivery, advanced templates and real-time insight.

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SendPro Premium

Our SendPro Premium package includes additional features and support specifically designed to meet the needs of larger businesses.

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SendPro Enterprise

With the SendPro Enterprise package functionality comes a customised SendPro environment and support from a technical account manager.

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