Advanced templates

Transactional email templates in your corporate identity

Personalise your transactional emails with advanced templates.


Create converting emails

Spotler SendPro allows you to send emails that your customers love. Enrich the boring emails from your business apps with compelling designs, personalised attachments and many other options. Unlock the full potential of transactional email and add relevant text, product cross-selling and upselling. Add time-specific blocks to all relevant emails and edit them from just one place.

Building blocks for email

Our email template engine can handle complex data like you’ve never seen before. Create the smartest emails you’ve ever sent, enriched with all the data you could need. The editor allows you to create templates with reusable blocks, such as headers, footers, background colours and order items. It’s almost like building a LEGO house.

Fully personalised

Our template engine is designed to handle the most complex data sent from your source systems, so your recipients get exactly what they need to know. Advanced order rules, custom Magento data or other data about your customer. And if your apps don’t have the data you need, just retrieve them from the cloud with the External Data Flowstep.

Multiple brands, multiple languages, one template

Spotler SendPro saves you time in maintaining your templates because you can easily use different languages ​​and different brands in the same email template. This means you can create one template for all your transactional emails, regardless of branding or language. This allows you to work more efficiently and save a lot of time.

Discover how advanced templates
improve your emails

With a free SendPro trial account, you will discover all you can do with our template editor. No more boring, flat e-mails and more interaction with your e-mails. Try SendPro free for 30 days.

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