SendPro Basic

Process all your outbound emails through one comprehensive platform and take back control of your email communications. Rely on best-in-class email delivery, advanced templates and real-time insight. With SendPro Basic, take the next step in professionalising your transactional emails.

The best email delivery

The SendPro platform is built to ensure your most valuable emails always end up in the inbox. We do this by taking all the technical worries out of your hands: from email authentication to a reliable infrastructure. SendPro ensures that no message ever disappears into the spam box again.

Professional, personalised transactional emails

Do your transactional emails look like a glorified Excel sheet and want more control over their look & feel? With SendPro Basic, you can create impressive templates, personalise endlessly and have attachments (such as PDF files) generated automatically. So you always know that your emails are completely in your own style.

Real-time insight

To continuously improve your emails, you need to know what is happening with them. SendPro offers you real-time insights into your delivery rates and email behaviour. This way, you always know whether your emails keep on arriving and what your recipients subsequently do with them.

These features are also included in SendPro Basic

  • Hands-on onboarding manager;
  • SPF, DKIM & DMARC install wizard;
  • Opens & Clicks tracking;
  • Connect via SMTP or API;
  • Enrich emails with Flows & Flowsteps;
  • Archive messages;
  • Resend messages;
  • Dynamic attachments;
  • Incoming email handling

Get started yourself or follow along with an expert?

In the Spotler SendPro platform, you can get started for free for 30 days. Discover the power of our email editor, the high delivery rates and real-time statistics. Or get inspired by a SendPro expert.

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