Bounce management

Improve your email delivery through Bounce Management

Spotler SendPro effectively handles undelivered emails by categorizing bounces, maintaining bounce lists, and facilitating corrections to email addresses.


Categorising bounces

If a message cannot be delivered because an email address is incorrect, you naturally want to know about it. That is why standards have been drawn up on how an email bounce should be constructed correctly. Unfortunately, these standards are not always followed. Sometimes confusing messages are even returned to make things difficult for spammers. We help you get a grip on this with Bounce Management in SendPro.

Handling of soft and hard bounces

Soft and hard bounces are not the same. With a soft bounce, there is a temporary delivery problem and with a hard bounce, delivery will never succeed. Future messages to such a bounced email address will therefore not arrive. Spotler SendPro filters on these addresses to protect your reputation as a sender. You have to approach the handling of soft and hard bounces differently and Spotler SendPro helps you with that.

Correct errors in email addresses

Spotler SendPro ensures that messages that cannot be delivered are placed on a dropout list. An email address can be corrected from this dropout list. Then you simply send the message again. Of course, bounce reports can also be linked back to the source system so that the incorrect email address can also be corrected there and your data quality is guaranteed.

Discover how bounce management
improves your emails

With a free SendPro trial account, you will learn about the power of bounce management. No more lost emails, better send lists and ultimately more engagement with your emails. Try SendPro for free.

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