Receive and filter incoming emails

Business email is more manageable than ever before with SendPro. All the emails that your business sends and receives can be managed, tracked, and archived from one accessible platform. ‍


With SendPro Inbound Email, you’re able to create both public and anonymized email addresses on a SendPro domain or a self-hosted domain. These can then be used to receive and pass on specific types of emails. Inbound email is commonly used as an intermediary between the actual sender and the actual receiver.

Forward incoming emails

Tired of having to manually upload invoices to your business apps? With SendPro API & inbound sources, you can easily receive invoices and upload them to your accounting software or ERP.

Inbound email allows you to specify actions for any kind of incoming email, whether it’s an invoice, a scan-to-mail action, or the email requires an autoreply. Set up an inbound domain, add the Flowsteps you need, and you’re good to go!

Intermediary emailing
Inbound email can also prove very useful when a third party is sending emails on your behalf. Let them send emails to your inbound domain, so you can recreate the email and send it to your customer.

Using the inbound email functionality allows you to rewrite the sender (replace with, design the email how you like it, and place your brand in the header of the email. The third-party sender doesn’t even have to know who he’s emailing, which is good for GDPR reasons.

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