SendPro Premium

With SendPro Premium, you get a comprehensive and reliable platform for delivering your emails. With our advanced template and real-time insight, you have maximum control over all email communication. Our SendPro Premium package includes additional features and support specifically designed to meet the needs of larger businesses.

Getting started with SendPro means:


The best delivery

We take the technical worries out of your hands: from email authentication to a reliable infrastructure.

Professional emails

With SendPro, you create impressive templates where you can personalise and have attachments generated automatically.

Real-time insight

SendPro offers you real-time insights into your delivery rates and e-mail behaviour. So you always know what is happening and can intervene where necessary.

Seamless integration

With SendPro, you gather all your email flows in one platform. Whether you link via SMTP or the API, we deliver your emails.

Sandbox for secure testing and development

Sandbox functionality lets you test and develop safely and in a controlled way in an isolated environment. Test new features, experiment with workflows and make sure everything works perfectly before making changes in your production environment.

Roles & rights for efficient management

SendPro Premium allows you to assign different roles and permissions to users within your organisation. This lets you fine-tune access and permissions to each team member’s responsibilities, for efficient management of your email communications.

Link multiple email sources

Link multiple email sources so you can send and manage emails from different sources. Centralise your email communication and streamline your processes.

Unlimited number of mailing domains

You can configure an unlimited number of sending domains. Manage all your brands and business units from one central platform, without limitations.

Check & Alerts for proactive monitoring

With Check & Alerts functionality, you can proactively monitor your email streams. Get notifications and alerts for important events and make sure you are always aware of the status of your messages.

Organise Flows through Flow

With Flow Types, you can organise your Flows in a logical and structured way. Create customised Flow Types to suit your specific workflows and make managing your communication flows even more efficient.

Follow up on events with Event Flows

Event Flows let you track and respond to specific events with custom workflows. Stay on top of important events and automate the right actions to deliver a seamless experience to your recipients.

Consultancy & Training for optimal results

With SendPro Premium, you get access to consultancy and training from our experts. We are ready to guide and advise you so you can get the most out of SendPro and achieve optimal results.

These features are also included in SendPro Premium

  • Hands-on onboarding manager;
  • SPF, DKIM & DMARC install wizard;
  • Opens & Clicks tracking;
  • Connect via SMTP or API;
  • Archive messages;
  • Resend messages;
  • Schedule messages;
  • Dynamic attachments;
  • Incoming email handling

Get started yourself or follow along with an expert?

In the Spotler SendPro platform, you can get started for free for 30 days. Discover the power of our email editor, the high delivery rates and real-time statistics. Or get inspired by a SendPro expert.

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