Real-time statistics

Analyse the email behaviour of your recipients

Spotler SendPro’s real-time metrics and analytics allow you to optimise transactional emails with detailed insights about the recipients.


Gain insight into loyalty

There are several reasons why you want to know how recipients interact with your emails. Has anyone received their invoice? Is the call-to-action visible enough? Was your upsell successful? With Spotler SendPro’s real-time statistics, you get the features you need to monitor this properly. And you even gain insight into ‘negative’ loyalty. This way you also know whether you have received spam complaints or unsubscribes.

Set dynamic UTM parameters

Know exactly how customers interact with your emails. Follow their opens and clicks – or don’t, if you don’t want to. The Flowstep for Open & Click Tracking allows you to enable or disable tracking for specific message flows or disable tracking for all your emails. Set dynamic UTM parameters to understand which links recipients click, the upselling items that work, and your customers’ interests.

Work with specific URL variables

Spotler SendPro not only supports dynamic UTM values but also offers options for other URL variables. This feature allows you to add custom parameters to the URLs in your emails. This way you can add unique identifiers, customer segments or campaign codes to the URLs. This allows you to perform detailed analyses and further optimise the effectiveness of your email campaigns.

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Discover how real-time insight
improves your emails

With a SendPro trial account, discover what insights you can get from your transactional emails. Learn to spot patterns, analyse click behaviour on elements in your emails, and increase the conversion rate of your cross- and upsell actions. Try SendPro for free.

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