Media Monitoring

Keep track of your brand and reputation, get actionable consumer and market insights and understand the impact of your marketing, communication and PR with social listening and media intelligence.


A finger on the pulse

A brand’s reputation online is hard-earned and easily ruined, and social media has increasingly become a place for consumers to judge and interact with brands, products and services. They expect a response and support, and you need an efficient way to react and be present across all these channels. Plus, a finger on the social media pulse can give your business an advantage in understanding what’s on the mind of your consumer. 

Reputation and crisis monitoring

Your reputation is everything to you, but who has the time to keep an eye on every digital medium where your brand, product or service gets mentioned? Spotler can help you can manage your reputation effectively and efficiently 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, while you get on with your day job. Get alerted to what’s being said about you and track brand sentiment from multiple channels and millions of messages.

Seize opportunities

The amount of content being shared online is a rich source of market and consumer insight, exposing not just what the world thinks of your brand, but can expose opportunities in what the consumer is looking for, how you position your products and services, and what your competitors might be missing. With the right kind of media intelligence and consumer insights, you can make data-driven decisions, know where the opportunities are in your market, and seize them!

One dashboard

Keep track of the myriad channels where your consumers are, with a single overview of everything being shared online about your organisation, brand, product or services. With advanced social listening, you can create smart searches for important themes, stakeholders, your brand name or competitors and have these at your fingertips in our highly configurable dashboard or sent directly to your inbox. 

All the sources

You can’t get true consumer insight or media intelligence without the data. We provide access to all the major media digital and social channels, combining millions of sources for you in one clear dashboard. This way, what’s being said about you online and offline on social media, review sites, blogs, forums, radio, television, and print are immediately available. 

Measure the marketing effect

The insights that our platform can unlock will help you understand the impact of your marketing, communication and PR on visualising your reach, brand sentiment and media value. See immediately which marketing investments pay off and where there’s room for improvement with data from within and outside your organisation. 

Your eyes on the world

Reputation management

Keep track of what’s being said about you and quickly respond

Market insight

Find new opportunities with consumer and competitive intelligence

Media intelligence

Plug into social media, review sites, blogs, forums, radio, television, and print

Measurable Marketing

Understand the impact of your brand marketing, comms and PR

Central hub

One dashboard and alerts console brings all this together

Take control of your brand

Let us show you how you can keep track of your brand reputation, get actionable consumer insights, understand the impact of your marketing and respond to your consumer and market with one easy interface.

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