Media Monitor

Know what’s really going on
in your market

Fast, complete and smart insight into everything being said and written about your organisation online and offline.


Always up to date

Signal and react immediately to the content that could affect your brand or reputation by setting up alerts.

Respond to trends

Using social listening, you follow conversations on social media and see what topics are trending.

Save time with AI

Find important topics in no time using the AI topic generator, helping you make sense of information.

The most complete monitoring solution

The Media Monitor brings together social media, (premium) online and offline media such as print, radio and TV in one clear dashboard. This gives you a complete and real-time picture of what is happening on all channels.

Your help with crisis management

Map a crisis early and anticipate quickly and effectively. Monitor changing circumstances and important stakeholder information in real time. This allows you to take action absed on up-to-date information and adjust where necessary.

Measurable results and insights

Discover trends, identify new opportunities and measure the impact of your campaigns. Get insight into current reach figures, media value and sentiment. Quickly find the information you need with our powerful analysis and reporting tools.


"Media reports accurately reflect your reputation and where you need to pay extra attention from a PR point of view. Within Media Monitor, you can filter on certain topics or visualise and analyse campaigns. We can extract longer-term insights about our brand reputation from media monitoring, but relevant insights can also be extracted from (social) media monitoring for our marketing colleagues."

Marjolein Verkerk PR manager at Bol

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