Omnichannel Customer Care

Excel in digital customer engagement with messaging, live chat, WhatsApp, chatbots, media monitoring, reputation management and data analytics with our all-in-one solution for web care.


Delight your customers

Organisations that pay attention to their customers keep their customers. But how do you give customers a consistent experience across multiple channels, deal with growing volumes, and keep the pressure off the service department?

Be truly omnichannel

Are you simultaneously receiving messages from social media, messaging, chat bots, WhatsApp, live chat, review sites and forums? No problem! Bring together all online customer interactions in one place and control the message flow across your business. Using our solution, every employee will know exactly what’s happening with a customer so that conversations can be seamlessly transferred via smart routing to the right person that can help on the channel the customer prefers.

Scale with smart automation

Need an efficiency boost? Then go for automation with intelligent chatbots that can answer common online customer questions 24 hours a day, 7 days a week over web chat, social media or WhatsApp. If the question is too complex, then a chatbot offers the customer a smooth handover to a real employee. This way, your people can focus on the customers who need their help.

Automation that gets smarter

Our platform uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to answer or assign questions automatically and continually improve the user experience. By having AI proactively make suggestions, your chatbot gets smarter. As the platform learns and builds a customer interaction archive, you can get insight into Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and make your chatbot and content smarter.

Be there for your customers

Truly omnichannel

One place to bring it all together and coordinate across all channels

Seamless service

Serve your customer as they move between channels

Always on

Answer common online customer questions 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Learn and improve

Insight that makes your customer service smarter

Find out more

Contact your local Spotler team and let us show you how Spotler helps 1350 organisations to better engage their customers over the channel of their choice.

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