Personalise your visitors’ search experience

Webshop visitors appreciate a personalised approach. The search results stand out more, leading to faster conversion and more loyal customers.


Search history in customer profiles

You can enrich a customer profile with information from a personalised search. Personalised Site Search leads to better profiles.

Search less,
find more

A personalised search functionality leads to the right search results faster. This makes Personalised Site Search a powerful marketing tool.

Better search experience

With PersonaliSed Site Search you make customers happy. It is noticeable if you can quickly help customers in their search for the right products.

Optimal match between visitor and product

With our personalised search functionality, you link search results within your webshop to the behavioural data of your visitors, creating an unparalleled personal search experience. This way, the individual preferences of your visitors are taken into account in the views and results of the search function. This leads to a positive online shopping experience and encourages repeat purchases.

Better customer profiles and customer groups

With our search functionality, your visitors’ preferences are leading, so that everyone who searches sees unique results. This leads to fewer searches because the right product is found much faster! Ultimately, this functionality helps to build more extensive customer profiles. Based on the patterns that become visible, you can better map customers and customer groups and target them more effectively.

Integrate Personalised Site Search with your CDP

Our Personalised Site Search uses AI, specific behavioural indicators and real-time data to show more relevant suggestions and recommendations to searching customers. Add these advanced personalised site searches to your CDP and also use historical data from the CDP to build individual search profiles. The integration of Spotler CDP with your existing e-commerce environment is certainly a piece of cake.

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