Keep up with conversation regarding your brand, both online and offline

Stay on top of discussions about your brand in real-time, respond to current events promptly and always be the first to know what’s happening around you.


Reputation management & crisis monitoring

Nothing is as important as the reputation of your organisation, especially when navigating a crisis. Monitor discussions about your organisation in real-time, both online and offline, to identify potential threats and strategic opportunities.

Keep every crisis manageable

Gaining timely control of a situation can keep a crisis manageable. Early insights and effective anticipation enable rapid response. We gather data on message volumes, sentiments, stakeholders and reports, compiled into one clear dashboard. Our tools provide a comprehensive view of online activity on social media, review sites, forums and offline coverage on radio, television and print.

Knowledge is power

Keep an eye on your brand. Stay informed about what people are saying and where they are talking about you. Respond to opportunities, keep up with trends, and react promptly in the event of a crisis. Assess the impact of your campaigns, measure their reach, determine media value, and understand public sentiment. Quickly identify successful investment and uncover new for growth.

Uncover strategic insights

Knowing where opportunities lie allows you to seize them. Equally important is recognising potential dangers so you can intervene promptly. Media analyses play an important role in this process. Our analysts create media analyses tailor-made for your organisation, which provide valuable insights and data-driven advice, enabling you to make well-informed decisions and take steps in the right direction.


‘Spotler gives us an overall view of the market. That helps us to know if we are doing the right things, but also to determine if it is necessary to respond to issues. The insights from the monitor are shared company-wide, right up to the ONVZ board of directors. This gives the entire organisation a complete look from the outside in, so that internally we avoid information remaining inside silos.’

Wouter Mellaart Digital Marketing Manager at ONVZ

Stay informed

Keep a sharp eye on what the mainstream is saying about you, both digitally and in print, and stay updated on social media activity.

Be the first to know

Gain valuable reaction time by spotting a crisis or shift in sentiment early. Use long-term media monitoring to track gradual changes and stay ahead of the curve.

Data driven

Use reputation monitoring data to provide valuable insights for your marketing, sales, and communications strategies.

Reputation management is an important part of modern business

As an organisation, it’s difficult to navigate through online and offline reputation. Who writes about your brand on X, what radio station spoke negatively about your brand, or on what online forum have you been mentioned? Spotler Engage gives you unraveling insights into how your brand is perceived.

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