OBI4wan, Spotler Nederland and Squeezely are integrating their operational management and will continue as one organisation under the name Spotler NL. All three companies have long been part of the Spotler Group, a data-driven marketing software provider with a focus on the European market. With this integration, the companies strengthen their leading positions in the (Dutch) market. The merger will give the organisation more clout to develop the software solutions it offers in the field of e-mail marketing automation, social media monitoring and publishing, messaging, chatbots, crm and customer data platforms faster, integrate them optimally and raise the quality of service even further.

Spotler continues to strengthen its position in a consolidating Dutch market

The operational integration between these three Dutch SaaS companies is another important step in Spotler Group’s growth strategy. This will make the new Spotler NL operation an even stronger partner for organisations when it comes to delivering innovative SaaS solutions. These solutions enable organisations to truly connect with their target audiences through data-driven, personalised interaction.

Full control over their data, being able to have far-reaching personalised experiences and being able to be at the controls yourself because the software works intuitively. This ensures that you constantly and at all times make an impact within your target audience, are relevant and improve your results. The focus for the coming years is on integrating the individual solutions into industry-focused solutions in which customer data and predictive modelling are central and integration with relevant communication channels is realised.

The new Spotler NL organisation

The integration creates an organisation where over 120 professionals work together every day to further develop software, the organisation and growth in the (European) market. Daily management will be in the hands of Alexander de Ruiter (co-founder OBI4wan), who, as CEO, will be responsible for the new Spotler NL organisation. The founders of Squeezely, Ivo Lindhout and Tim Hoefnagel (BU E-commerce Directors) will also play an important role in the new Management Team of the new Spotler organisation. The current Managing Director of current Spotler NL, Mark van den Berg, will assume the role of Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) within the Spotler Group.

Besides the focus on further development of user-friendly marketing software, the high level of service Spotler NL offers its customers remains high on the agenda. “Because we still stand for SwaS, Software with a Service,” says Mark van den Berg (CMO Spotler Group).

It will be made easier and more cost-efficient for customers to integrate, use and adopt multiple products from the new Spotler organisation. CEO of Spotler NL, Alexander de Ruiter:

“We help our customers build the most effective marketing and communications applications, focusing on the effortless deployment of different communication channels for inbound and outbound interactions based on actionable customer data.”

Lee Chadwick, CEO of Spotler Group and ultimately responsible for all organisations in Europe, said the following about the operational integration:

“We are incredibly happy to see that OBI4wan, Spotler Nederland and Squeezely are taking this step. We see that the market is consolidating and competition from international players is increasing. Through this new combined organisation forces bundling we offer a combination of high quality and innovative solutions. This gives us the opportunity to respond even better to market demands, to innovate faster and to achieve further growth.”

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CMO Spotler Group
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Alexander de Ruiter
CEO Spotler Nederland
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