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Visitors find what they are looking for faster and more often

With our search functionality, you can immediately display all relevant products in your webshop that your visitors are actively looking for. And it shows products that your visitors do not yet know, but for which there is a purchase intention. This way, visitors find what they are looking for faster and more often. And you get more control over your stocks and you increase conversion.

Create a product catalogue in Spotler

You can create a product catalogue in our software. Then link this to your webshop and your visitors will see a product from your webshop for every search. Naturally, these are the products from your shop that match the entered search query. Relevant for your visitor and certainly also relevant for you.

More control over your search results

With Spotler Search you can improve search results at any time. If you think visitors need better results for their searches, you can easily adjust the settings. This way you make the most important products even easier to find. More targeted search results are more likely to lead to a purchase.


"Fitwinkel has been using Spotler Activate Search for a while now and we are very happy with the great results. Especially after an additional optimisation of the search functionality, we now manage to achieve even more conversion. We are so satisfied that we are now using Spotler Activate Search not only for the Dutch Fitwinkel shops but also for our Belgian shops."

Twan van Essen Managing director at Fitwinkel
Ranking Rules

With our Ranking Rules feature, you decide what will be at the top of the search results.

Error tolerance and stemming

A visitor who searches for an iPhoon means iPhone. A visitor who types 'lamp' may mean 'light bulb'. Spotler Search takes this into account.


What does someone type in? Jeans, Levi's, blue pants or denim? Spotler Search can handle it. And you get an overview of the queries that you have not indexed.

Specific product promotion

You can also prioritise products in the search results that you want to promote. Spotler Search is also flexible in this regard.

A lot is possible with Spotler Activate Search

Spotler Activate Search is packed with useful features. To name a few more:

  • Personalised Site Search
  • Real-time data sync
  • Actionable Insights
  • Easy Set-up

Integrates with your favourite software:

More than just software

At Spotler, we believe that software should be user-friendly and accessible so that you can start using it almost immediately and independently. However, to enhance your experience and get the most out of the software, we also offer numerous professional services and support. These services include, but are not limited to, extensive training and technical support to solve any questions or challenges together.

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