Audience segmentation

Create relevant target groups and build the ideal foundation for a successful personalisation strategy


A personalised experience for every audience

No matter what type of product or service you sell, your target audience is less homogeneous than you might think. Even if your visitors don’t differ in demographic characteristics, they do in purchase moments or the phase of the journey they are in. For maximum relevance, it is essential to offer each subgroup a unique experience. With Spotler Activate’s audience segmentation, you can easily divide all your customer profiles into (sub)target groups relevant to your business. This sets the ideal foundation for an optimal funnel packed with relevant personalisations.

Automatic or manual: you choose

Spotler Activate’s audience builder combines limitless possibilities with great ease. Let the CDP automatically categorise your profiles into relevant target groups, or set the rules yourself. A common attribute, a shared event, or a shared interest? You determine the conditions and remain in control. Link actions to your target groups, such as sharply timed emails or pop-ups, and the system takes care of the rest.

Advanced segmentation for die-hards

Ready for the next step? Use the AND/OR feature to build more advanced audiences that meet a mix of filters and conditions. For example, to send an email to visitors with a specific product preference in a certain phase of the journey. Or customers who are at risk of churning but have viewed a product on your website in the past 60 days. Our software follows your creative ideas.

The right content for every audience through every channel

The audience builder is the perfect feature for every marketer who wants to get more out of the available data. The better you divide your visitors into relevant target groups, the more efficiently you can work and the greater the chance of success. Knowing what works and what doesn’t? That’s a matter of tweaking and testing. Manually, or with our A/B autopilot testing feature. This way, you will quickly achieve optimal results.

Sharpen your targeting with audience segmentation

Would you like to know more about the segmentation possibilities within Spotler Activate? We are looking forward to show you in a personal demo.

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