Journey Builder

Lay the ideal foundation for spectacular campaigns and offer your visitors an optimal cross-channel experience with Spotler Activate’s journey builder


Personalised customer journeys for all your audiences

Every visitor or customer follows a unique journey. From how they first encounter your company or product and the following touchpoints they experience, to how they exit the journey and return. The better you are at supporting and servicing them with relevant content throughout this entire journey, the greater the chance they will convert. With Spotler Activate’s journey builder, you easily create personalised customer journeys for all your audiences. This way, you provide everyone with a unique experience and achieve maximum results.

Get a grip on journeys and increase your efficiency

Chances are you can roughly outline the average journey of your visitors. But determining the exact touchpoints, where they drop off, and where your opportunities lie is much more difficult. The journey builder allows you to respond at any time with an action or content that is relevant to the particular visitor or audience. Both within your platform and on external channels. This way, you regain control over the customer’s journey, seize more opportunities, and achieve better results.

Infinite possibilities and complete control

With the journey builder, you stay in control. You determine when a profile enters a journey, how often a profile can enter it, and when they should exit the journey. But you also decide which events trigger an action. Think of web push notifications with a personalised discount code, an email with an abandoned shopping cart, an A/B test to test a campaign, or an automated SMS with a service message. This feature offers you endless possibilities to enrich and personalise the different phases of the journey. You set the conditions, the system does the work.

Continuous optimisation thanks to crystal-clear insights

To help you build better continuously, the journey builder meticulously tracks the progress of customer journeys. It tells you which journeys a profile is in, what the corresponding status is, and which actions yield results. Based on these insights, you can easily tweak existing journeys or set up new events that guide your visitors even more effectively towards conversion. So, the journey builder is not only where all customer journeys begin but also where you optimise them down to the smallest detail.

Build cross-channel experiences with the journey builder of Spotler Activate

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