The success of an online retailer depends on the customer experience. The better you meet the needs of customers, the faster they will find what they are looking for. In addition, a good (digital) experience also strengthens customer loyalty. To always offer your visitors a perfect customer experience, personalization is not enough. An optimally performing search functionality is also crucial. And with Spotler Activate, that is within reach.

What is Activate Search?

Spotler Activate Search is an addition to our customer data platform Spotler Activate that enriches the customer experience and maximizes conversions. Activate Search consists of features for personalized on-site search, product recommendations, and optimized merchandising that make the search process on your website easier. And there is a lot of room for improvement, because 80% of visitors who use the search bar have an actual purchase intent.

This technology allows you to, among other things, push specific products in the search results, influence the order in which products are displayed, and adapt search results to the preferences of your visitors. And that offers both you and your customers many advantages. Because while your website visitors find the right product faster and enjoy an optimal site experience, you benefit from a better balance in your inventory and higher conversion rates.

Personalisation at the basis

A good customer experience starts with data collection and customer recognition. Spotler Activate realizes this by collecting first-party data from different sources and merging it into clear 360-degree customer profiles. It makes it clear where your customers are, what they want, and in what phase they are. And with the arsenal of innovative personalization tools that Spotler Activate offers, you can play smartly on that across channels. Think of success stories such as perfectly timed reminder emails from an abandoned shopping cart, interesting product recommendations, and persuasive messages that give your customers the last push in the right direction. With Spotler Activate, every contact moment becomes an opportunity to make an impact and lay an important foundation for improving customer experiences.

Search: the perfect addition to Spotler Activate

But in addition to the application of personalization, the overall customer experience is also influenced by the design and functioning of your website. With Spotler Activate, you optimize this by creating a website that adapts to each individual visitor. However, there is one specific area where many retailers who use a CDP can still make a profit – and that is the search functionality. Because even though only 10% of your visitors start their customer journey in the search bar, they are often responsible for an average of 50% of your turnover. In addition, customers who actively search via the search bar are five times more likely to make a purchase than customers who do not use the search bar. Imagine how much impact you can make if you also personalize this part of your website…

How you can push the boundaries of personalisation

By enriching Spotler Activate with the Search features, you create a Customer Data Platform that takes your ambitions to the next level. With the application of customer recognition in the search functionality, you push the boundaries of personalization to one of the most important parts of your website. By personalizing results pages based on customer profiles, you improve the relevance of your offering and customers find what they are looking for even faster.

In addition, you have more control over your inventory with Spotler Activate. With the Merchandising feature, you can push products to certain target groups or make items less prominently displayed when your inventory is almost out. You set the rules, the system does the work.

Say goodbye to empty results pages

What is more frustrating than a results page full of irrelevant results? A page that shows no results at all.

To guarantee maximum visibility and relevance, Spotler Activate is equipped with multiple techniques. For example, it automatically corrects spelling errors in search queries, takes synonyms into account, and speaks multiple languages. Guaranteed optimal customer experience!

And if a search query is too specific or the product you are looking for is not in stock, the system will automatically offer your visitors the best possible alternatives. Of course, the more data, the smarter the algorithm and the sharper the offer.

Discover the possibilities of Spotler Activate

As an online retailer, it is important to continuously improve customer experiences. The functionalities of Spotler Activate offer the perfect solution for this. By enriching your CDP with the technology of Search, you make even more impact on the on-site customer experience, gain more control over your inventory, and increase the success of your personalization strategy.

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