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Telesales and use cases: DELTA’s mutually reinforcing elements


DELTA is a rapidly growing telecom provider with a fiber network which connects 1.6 million households throughout the Netherlands. The digital ordering process, where customers customise their all-in-one package of internet, TV, and mobile, plays a crucial role in the customer journey. Simultaneously, this is where most uncertainties arise, leading to visitor drop-offs. Thanks to strategic CRO optimizations by DELTA in collaboration with e-commerce agency Yellowgrape and the use of Spotler Activate, there is now an optimally functioning flow, enabling DELTA to successfully follow up on leads.

The initial hitch that formed

As a provider of the fastest internet in the Netherlands and flexible telecom packages, DELTA is ahead of its time. Being an innovative organisation, they initiated a CRO project with e-commerce agency Yellowgrape in early 2023.

Nick Schaperkotter, Team Lead CRO & Design at Yellowgrape, explains the challenge: “To discover the pain points, we started with a CRO scan of the website. It revealed that over 80% of visitors dropped off in the ordering process between step 1, customising the package, and step 2, selecting the connection and switch service.” The culprit? Insufficient information about prices, the availability of the fibre-optic network, and package details. “Further research revealed that the lack of information led to uncertainty, causing visitors to prematurely abandon their customer journeys. Since DELTA couldn’t follow up on these people, many purchasing intentions went untapped.”

A fair amount of certainty with a hint of persuasion

To reduce the drop-off, DELTA needed to do three things:

  • Add information to the ordering process.
  • Provide visitors with a certain level of confidence in their choices.
  • Capture contact details of visitors for later follow-up.

“And all of this without taking them out of their ordering flow,” emphasises Nick. To achieve this, Yellowgrape’s CRO experts implemented various use cases in Spotler Activate.

A/B testing for optimal information provision

To optimise information provision, DELTA and Yellowgrape utilised the A/B autopilot testing feature in Spotler Activate. Nick explains, “By testing different messages, we would determine what was most effective. We included both the content of the message and its presentation format and timing in the testing.”

Increased certainty with social proof and authority

Boosting visitor certainty levels was achieved through social proof and authority in the form of embedded messages. Both in the postcode check and the ordering process, visitors are subtly reminded of DELTA’s unique selling points and the number of customers already connected. This use case resulted in an 18.5% uplift in conversion rate after the testing period.

Data collection through an exit-intent

To capitalise on the purchase intent of abandoning visitors, an exit-intent was developed for the segment of returning visitors. Robert de Kok, CRO specialist at DELTA, explains: “Half of the returning visitors who are about to leave the ordering process after step 1 are offered the opportunity to receive personalised advice through an exit-intent. When they click on it, they reach a ‘call-me-back’ form where they enter their contact details to be called back as soon as possible. This data is stored in Spotler Activate and is immediately available to the sales team.”

Results: sales, synergy, and a CRO award

Five weeks after the implementation of the use cases, DELTA and Yellowgrape took stock. Nick says, “The average click-through rate from the exit-intent to the ‘call-me-back’ form was over 4% after the testing period. Additionally, the number of leads that the sales team can follow up on increased by almost 80%.” It’s crucial to mention that the number of online sales remained stable during this period. “The increase in offline sales had no negative impact on online sales; it worked as a complement. We know this because we can attribute it accurately. Additionally, the collaboration between the sales and marketing teams improved.”

Thanks to Spotler Activate, DELTA not only can follow up on warm leads but has also enhanced the customer experience in the ordering process. It provides the necessary information and seduction without disrupting the flow. “This case demonstrates that Spotler Activate is also capable of strengthening the collaboration between online and offline channels,” says Nick. “Furthermore, smart audience segmentation has helped DELTA enhance the online customer experience and increase online sales without putting pressure on the offline sales team.”

These impressive achievements did not go unnoticed. In late October, DELTA received a DDMA Experimentation Hero award in the “Omnichannel” category.

Robert adds, “We seized the opportunity to submit the case in this new category. The setup itself is not inherently complex, partly due to the options offered by Spotler Activate. Especially the collaboration between Yellowgrape, the online, and telesales teams at DELTA is what makes this case a success. It’s entirely justified that the jury was enthusiastic about our submission. A welcome recognition for the good work of all involved. What’s even better: this is just the beginning. We are already taking steps to further expand the concept.”

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