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Enhanced retention with stylish personalisations at fashion labels Manfield, Sacha and Sissy Boy


With over 150 stores across three countries, Termeer Groep, the parent company of Sacha, Manfield, and Sissy-Boy, is a prominent player in the fashion and lifestyle sector. To gain insights into customer purchasing patterns, Termeer Groep conducted a retention analysis for the Sissy-Boy label. The analysis revealed untapped potential for increasing retention. In collaboration with PI Marketing, they devised a successful retention strategy, placing Spotler Activate in the spotlight.

The challenge: from one-time visitors to loyal customers

A retention analysis is a valuable way to understand customer behaviour, exposing buying patterns and revealing loyalty and revenue contribution. Termeer Groep discovered that returning Sissy-Boy customers accounted for over 70% of the label’s revenue. The challenge lay not only in encouraging a second purchase but also in building customer relationships to enhance retention. To achieve this, Termeer Groep, in collaboration with PI Marketing, initiated Spotler Activate.

Highlights of the use cases

“To promote retention, you need to focus on data collection and personalisation,” says Nick de Beijer, Marketing Automation Engineer at PI Marketing. “Spotler Activate, as a Customer Data Platform (CDP), provides the right tools for this.” Termeer Groep, in collaboration with PI Marketing, developed a sophisticated retention strategy for the three labels, incorporating various email campaigns and on-site personalisations.

Automatic back-in-stock alert

Laura van der Kallen, CRM Manager at Termeer Groep, discusses the campaigns: “The ‘back-in-stock’ campaign was one of the first we launched. An important one, as previous research indicated a high drop-off rate on Sissy-Boy’s product pages. Visitors receive the opportunity, through the back-in-stock campaign, to receive an alert when a desired size is available again. Spotler Activate checks every hour for stock updates. This results in an average conversion rate of 10%. If the item remains out of stock for more than 25 days, we send an email with recommendations similar to the viewed item.”

This use case not only enhances the customer experience but also improves Sissy-Boy’s inventory management. “Normally, you don’t push items with low stock,” says Laura. “However, thanks to the automatic back-in-stock alerts, these items are sold more frequently without additional marketing budget. Additionally, the data generated by these alerts is used to provide crucial insights to the purchasing department.”

Wishlist retargeting

A wishlist feature is an efficient way to collect data for following up on visitors. Sissy-Boy and Sacha’s webshops already had such a feature, but it was limited to logged-in users. Spotler Activate allows adding products to the wishlist without an account and includes triggers to encourage wishlist usage. Visitors with a wishlist who are about to leave the website are shown a pop-up, allowing them to email the wishlist to themselves. Convenient for the customer and beneficial for Termeer Groep’s profile enrichment campaigns.

Continuing from wishlist retargeting, Termeer Groep wanted to automatically email customers about price drops on viewed and favourite items. The challenge was to do this only for price drops of 10% or more, unless an item was already on sale. Mascha explains how Spotler Activate and Termeer Groep addressed this: “For a standard price drop, Spotler Activate can only compare the new price with the most recent price. Price drop alerts for items already on sale and subsequently discounted by 5% would not be sent. To circumvent this, additional conditions were added for sale items. Now, Spotler Activate compares the new price with the original price, allowing customers to receive updates on further discounts for sale items in their inbox.”

Lead gen campaign

In addition to following up on existing customers, Termeer Groep also focuses on expanding the database with first-party data. The sticky lead-gen is one way they achieve this. Laura explains: “This pop-up takes the form of a label that remains visible as the visitor scrolls down. When clicked, it opens, displaying the campaign and allowing visitors to leave their email address. If closed, it folds back into a label. Unlike most lead-gen campaigns, the visitor has control, and the campaign remains subtly visible for later completion.”

Pop-up and sticky label –
Sticky label and pop-up at the side –

An optimal follow-up flow

Thanks to Spotler Activate, Termeer Groep has taken the initial crucial steps in promoting retention. Each use case contributes to enriching the database with valuable first-party data, personalising customer journeys, and strengthening loyalty. And they want more. Mascha says, “Many insights from the retention analysis are yet to be utilised through Spotler Activate. We continue A/B testing existing campaigns.” Nick adds, “This way, we work towards an optimal follow-up flow, enticing customers with the right content at the right time for a repeat purchase.”

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