How SpotlerCRM empowered Third Age Health’s growth journey

For just over 10 years Third Age Health has been a health provider that offers general practice (GP) services to over 50 residential aged care homes across New Zealand. Their general practitioners and nurse practitioners, who are experts in the health of older people, provide regular rounds to see residents at all stages of their aged care journey from independent living, through to memory loss and also palliative care. Third Age Health also owns a group of general practices, currently, there are three in Auckland and one in Hawkes Bay. These clinics provide local doctor services for people of all ages in the community.

To support the company’s growth aspirations, improved systems were needed to help move away from the reliance on storing information in a series of spreadsheets. Ruth Morse, Head of Communications and Engagement, realised there was no way the company could scale with the current systems that were in place and that with a remote workforce and growing team, there was a need to implement a CRM with functionality that would enable the company to grow both their workforce and client customer base.

Ruth explains, “We were looking for a CRM that would keep all the details of all our current and prospective clients in one place, a single source of truth that our whole team could access so that they had the information at their fingertips to do their job. That’s what we were looking for in SpotlerCRM, an intuitive tool that would help us to engage with our current clients and also to aid new business and grow our market share across the aged residential care facilities throughout New Zealand.”

The CRM has been a huge enabler, certainly with managing our client relationships.
Ruth Morse, Third Age Health

Working with SpotlerCRM

“I don’t think I would’ve encountered SpotlerCRM by myself; we were recommended it. I did a ‘digital skills for the workplace course’ as part of my professional development during one of the lockdowns in 2021 run by MindLab in New Zealand. Following the course, I reached out to the MindLab team which provides a service to advise small businesses about which technology tools might best suit a particular need. I asked what CRM they’d recommend solving our business challenges and SpotlerCRM was one of their recommendations. .”

Ruth continues: “Simon Hubbard who first helped us has been amazing, we really appreciated the use of a free trial, as it allowed us to set up the system and trial how we might use it. We were back and forth a lot asking Simon questions, he was super supportive.

The interface is fantastic, we all love how easy and simple it is to use and the support has been excellent. We initially set up some fields when we started and they weren’t quite right. We reached out to the support team to help us rearrange the fields to a more logical order of entering the data and they did that for us in a very quick turnaround time.”

With our new business focus, we can see there is huge potential with the CRM and what it can offer us going forward.
Ruth Morse, Third Age Health

How Third Age Health uses SpotlerCRM

“We are a modern organisation, so we all work remotely; we’re not in the same office to quickly turn around to someone and ask if they have contacted a client. SpotlerCRM has been amazing because everyone can access it. We have enabled email integration, allowing us to look at a client and see who and when they were last contacted, whether there are any issues or complaints, and what the last conversation someone had with them. Being able to customise the CRM fields has been fantastic. This allows our clinical team to build reports easily, so we know where we need more people and how many hours we need to ensure everyone is looked after.”

Business growth

One of Ruth’s colleagues has been focusing on business development and they’ve used the to-do dashboards to see instantly and very clearly:

  • How many contacts were made;
  • How many warm leads there are;
  • The sales funnel.

“We’re also building up a database with contacts and using that for business development. With a new doctor starting in the Christchurch area later this year we’re now able to build out reports of all the aged care facilities in that area and have begun approaching these care homes to offer our services. SpotlerCRM has allowed us to easily:

  • Build details of all the residential care homes in the Christchurch area;
  • Identify which aged residential facilities are the ones we have existing client relationships with;
  • Identify which aged residential facilities are the new ones that we can then send emails to via the marketing portal.

Ruth continues; “We have a lot of recruitment adverts out at the moment, so if we get any contacts from that, then we store them in SpotlerCRM as a potential clinician who can work for us and we plan to build up that database and contact them later on.”

A simple CRM

Ruth highlighted the main reason SpotlerCRM has helped them: “The CRM has been a huge enabler, certainly with managing our current client relationships. With our new business focus, we can see there is huge potential with the CRM and what it can offer us going forward. We are also now using the dashboards for our monthly management meetings to manage our pipeline. SpotlerCRM has provided us with an innovative tool to enable our business to scale.”

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