Building blocks of success: Room Copenhagen’s CRM journey with SpotlerCRM

Room Copenhagen is a Danish company founded in 2010. It creates high-quality, functional homeware products that are operational and design-oriented. In 2013, the company expanded into the USA and has an office in New Jersey.

CRM requirement

Sales Manager Martin Uniacke explains, “When I first started with the company, I wanted to look at the entire market, where we were and where we were not. We did this at first with Excel files, but then we came across SpotlerCRM. The more I used it, the more I loved it; this really works!”

Martin goes on to say, “We had our own internal database, but the data was largely incomplete and missing a lot of contact details, and we were very limited in terms of what we could do with it. I started to pull together data that I had collected from trade shows and previous personal experiences.

“In America, the National Retail Federation lists information about different retailers. It ranks the companies from 1 to 100, I used this to identify the big companies in the market and what our relationship with them was; how many were customers? It’s a really nice way to look at your business and be able to tell who the top retailers out there are and try to predict where we would be in the market if we had those retailers. That is a nice way of marketing to me. To see the rankings of the big players out there and where you stand with them gives a great vision.

The more I used it the more I loved it, this thing really works!
Martin Uniacke, Room Copenhagen

Benefits of SpotlerCRM

“I manage the sales for most of the Western Hemisphere” Martin explains. “So I have a large responsibility and there is a lot to manage. Changing my tasks from red to green in the CRM is a daily pleasure because I know that the things that need to be done are getting done. I’ve never been so assured that nothing is slipping through the cracks since I started using SpotlerCRM”.

Martin continues, “The main part of the system I use is the tasks feature. I can go into any Account and see exactly when I’m supposed to get back to the client. I can set a task to follow up with a client in a few months’ time, so I don’t need to think about it again. Before I used SpotlerCRM, I wouldn’t have anywhere to log that information, and I would worry about forgetting to call or email the client back. Now I can go into the account and see the emails I’ve sent to the client in the activity section, and I will get a task notification when it is time to call them back. Knowing exactly where we’re in the sales process and getting straight back into it without having to keep it all in my mind is fantastic.”

Changing my tasks from red to green is a pleasure every day because I know that the things that need to get done are being done.
Martin Uniacke, Room Copenhagen

What would recommend about our CRM?

“With SpotlerCRM, you can record any information you would like into the system, and it’s very easy to manipulate the data to gain valuable information. This helps with ROI and knowing where to spend money next year, as well as organizing your database in a way that makes sense to you.”

The support has been tremendous, and they always seem to know exactly what I have done wrong. They have helped me import lots of data. Last year, we had about 100 to 150 prospects in the system, and now we have over 800. This makes a big difference in terms of getting a hold of your database and being able to market your products effectively.”

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