Review Platforms

Keep an eye on review platforms

Spot new reviews and complaints, and respond directly from your webcare dashboard.


Immediately informed

Review platforms play an important role in the process of making a purchase decision. Stay on top of new reviews and complaints so you always know what’s going on and can react quickly when necessary.

Organised overview

Mentions of your organisation are clearly organised in our monitoring tool. This gives you a clear overview of messages and mentions to your about your organisation in a single, clear dashboard.

React quickly

Respond to reviews, complaints, or complements on various platforms, directly from our dashboard. Clear and efficient, without losing the message history.

Live chat

Implement live chat on your website to reduce response times and enhance customer satisfaction.

Other channels

Combine all your communication channels into one dashboard for a streamlined overview and efficient service.


Fast, complete and smart insight on everything being said and written about your organisation online and offline.

Get inspired

Wonder what review management can do for your organisation? Our experts are happy to jump on a call with you to discuss all review management with Spotler Engage has to offer.

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