Amazon Marketplace

Amazon Marketplace is an e-commerce platform operated by Amazon that allows third-party sellers to list and sell new or used products directly to consumers.

Product Listings Optimisation

Use Spotler’s tools to analyse customer feedback and optimise product listings for better visibility and sales.

Automated email campaigns

Send personalised follow-up emails to customers based on their purchase history from Amazon Marketplaces.

Inventory management

Seamlessly integrate inventory data to manage stock levels and avoid overselling or stockouts across platforms.

Why integrate Amazon Marketplaces with Spotler?

Integrating Amazon Marketplaces with Spotler enhances your e-commerce and marketing strategies by enabling seamless data transfer and advanced marketing automation. This integration allows businesses to leverage customer data from Amazon sales to create more targeted and personalised marketing campaigns.

Integrate Maileon with our products:

Spotler Connect

Process all your Amazon orders across the AWS marketplaces

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