If you want to enhance the efficiency of your marketing campaigns, delving into marketing automation is the key. Marketing automation software aids in optimising workflows and reaching more (potential) customers in less time, leaving you with more time for other tasks. Curious about all the benefits of marketing automation and how to successfully implement it? Keep reading!

What is marketing automation?

Marketing automation is a technology that automates marketing processes, replacing human actions with software. Most marketing automation software can be applied across all your channels, including email, social media, your website, and the e-commerce system you use.

Examples of Marketing Automation

An example of marketing automation is automatically sending emails to potential customers who request a quote via your website. For instance, an email with a confirmation after a customer fills out the online quote form. Or automatically alerting your sales department of such a request using marketing automation software. Another example is automatically sending a discount voucher by post on your customer’s birthday.

Four benefits of marketing automation

Implementing marketing automation within your organisation has numerous advantages. Marketing automation software provides:

Optimising workflows, automating repetitive tasks, and improving overall efficiency allows you to focus more on strategy and optimisations, saving time and costs.

Working more efficiently, responding faster to leads, and timely approaching customers with relevant content will lead to higher conversion rates and improved retention, ultimately benefiting your return on investment (ROI).

Marketing automation enables you to approach visitors and customers with personalised and relevant content at the right moment, creating positive experiences aligned with their desires and needs.

Implementing lead scoring and automated lead follow-up generates not only more leads but also higher-quality leads, resulting in an improved sales funnel and better conversion from leads to customers.

Where does marketing automation fit in the customer journey?

Marketing automation seamlessly fits within various stages of the customer journey. Depending on specific touchpoints customers have with your organisation, you can use marketing automation to automatically follow up on leads with a whitepaper or webinar recording. It also proves valuable in the consideration and comparative phases. For instance, segmenting customers into target groups based on their interests or sending an email with personalised offers. An effective marketing automation solution positively influences every step within this journey.

Optimise our customer journey with Spotler marketing automation software

Marketing automation offers a range of benefits, improving both the efficiency of your operations and ROI while strengthening customer relationships. Additionally, marketing automation software makes it easier to successfully apply personalisation on a large scale, resulting in better customer experiences, enhanced customer engagement, and higher conversion rates.

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