Fair use policy Spotler Connect

Fair use of Spotler Connect

We like to keep it simple. That’s why our pricing is based on fair use. Fair use means that you do not have to be afraid of unexpected costs with regular use. If you structurally use more data than what we calculated our pricing on, you might need to pay an additional fee. Read more about what we consider fair use and which fees might be added.

What is fair use?

Fair use is measured per integration. Every time Spotler Connect needs to make an API call to an external platform or the external platform sends a message to Spotler Connect, a data call is measured. Our fair use limit is currently on 15.000 data calls monthly. We strive to implement our integrations as efficiently as possible. However, we are also limited by external platforms. The fair use limit means in practice that you can process between 2500 and 3000 orders each month per integration, depending on how many data streams are communicating through the integration (orders, checkouts, customers, products, shipments and stock).

How do we measure data calls?

To measure fair use we calculate the average number of data calls in the past three months. If the average is higher than 15.000 calls per month, we will add a fee of € 25,00 excl. VAT per 10.000 additional data calls. If the number of data calls averages below the fair use limit, the fee is removed again.

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