Spotler Maturity Model

Grow with Spotler and use our framework to improve your marketing communications

We help you get the best out of the use of our software via a step by step guide and a structured goals oriented plan for continuous improvement.


How mature is your marketing communication strategy?


The Broadcaster

Maximise your outreach and messaging to a wide audience. Build and grow your contacts.

The Segmenter

Deliver tailored campaigns to specific segments based on interests and/or engagement.

The Recommender

Execute personalised campaigns by using factual and behavioural data from different channels.

The Predictor

Use data (interests, engagement, behaviour) to predict future behaviour and to tailor campaigns, too.

Step 1: Gap Analysis

The first step in the Maturity Model is to find out what you do with the marketing software you use. Are you using it in the most optimal way or are there gaps and is there room for improvement? Per use case, you then see in what Maturity phase you are with the use of your current software.

Step 2: Next Best Actions

Based on the insights gained in the gap analysis, the next step is to fill the gaps and determine the next best actions. These actions could be better or more advanced use of your current software or setting up new use cases with other Spotler software. In fact, we are creating a roadmap together to help you improve your marketing communications to make more impact on your target audience.

Step 3: Goal setting

With an actionable roadmap defined, it’s time to set goals to actually improve your marketing communications activities, so that you can achieve what you want to achieve. Together we (or you and your agency) determine the goals for the next 3 months and for the year to come. This gives you a plan to execute in a set timeframe.

Step 4: Continuous evaluation

Once timelines and actions are clear, it’s up to you! Time to mature and grow your marketing and communication and evolve as a marketer. In close contact with our customer success manager, account manager or digital agency you work towards implementing the next steps and optimise the use cases that will help you make an impact!

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