Take back control over your emails.

SendPro specialises in getting your emails to the inbox. Our advanced platform allows you to process and collect information from all your source systems into one comprehensive overview. Set up and install your email domains, configure sources, and truly gain control over your email deliverability. Never lose an email again.


Getting all of your emails to the inbox is not as easy as it might look. It requires development, trust-building, authentication, and above all: time. In the years of creating SendPro, we’ve gained a terrific reputation with inbox providers, know how to authenticate your domains properly, and ultimately let every email hit the inbox. Our platform lets you take of control of your own deliverability and your customers’ with easy domain setup, reporting, and real-time analytics.

Detailed insight into your deliverability

The SendPro dashboard shows you all the emails you’ve processed through SendPro in a certain period and what happened to those emails. The dashboard gives you quick insights into:

  • How many emails have been offered to, processed by, or blocked by SendPro;
  • How quickly your emails were processed and delivered to the inbox;
  • How many emails were blocked by the inbox provider or email recipient.

Prevent deliverability issues

At SendPro, we’re working on keeping your emails out of SPAM daily. Our platform, our infrastructure, and our in-house experts are focused on getting your important message in front of your recipient’s eyes. That’s why:

  • We have trained professionals to help you set up your domain;
  • We manually monitor our IP ranges – and keep our shared pools super clean;
  • We (encourage you to) follow deliverability guidelines and best practices.
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