Improved conversion rates

Do more than just a sales pitch to generate valuable leads. Combine and enrich insights and optimise the lead journey to improve conversion rates.


Create leads from your visitors

Not every website visitor will contact you, request information or call you. Yet they are interested in your products or services. Spotler CRM ensures that these interested visitors become leads for sales.

Combine relevant data

The first step is knowing who is visiting your site. IP lookup techniques provide insight into the visiting organisation or the website visitor. A link to known customer information in the CRM shows whether the visitor is a prospect or a customer. All other information from completed forms or click behaviour from mailings is combined with the latest website interactions. This gives you a lot of real-time customer information that you can share with marketing and sales.

Guided through to first purchase

You can use the stored data to create far-reaching segmentations. You create specific target groups that you can reach with personalised content. For example: if someone visits your pricing page, send her a message directly to schedule a consultation or nurture her first with more informative messages. Who knows, sending a brochure might be more convenient. This way you can guide leads in a very targeted manner to a first purchase or a first sales conversation.

Get the most out the software

Our software makes a lot possible. For example, you can apply lead scoring and contact recognition. If a contact clicks through to your site from an email, previous website visits are linked to this contact’s email address. Great automatic profile enrichment that is very valuable for marketing and sales. You can also give a score to the type of click and website behaviour. For example, rate a request for a demo with more points than a request for a brochure.

Spotler CRM: your central marketing database

MWith combined data for email and website behaviour, you get comprehensive reports with combined insights into email statistics, interests, website traffic, conversion potential and conversion rates. Therefore, use Spotler CRM as your central marketing database.


Optimaliseer je lead journey


step 1: Identify website traffic

Our lead generation software recognises business visitors. This gives you insight into the companies they work for and you receive information that you can use in communicating with these companies.


step 2: Create relevant segments

If you have more data at your disposal, you can also create better and more relevant segments. Use the insights from website behaviour and click behaviour to create specific target groups.


step 3: Set up targeted email campaigns

Send the correct mailings to the different segments. Set up automatic email campaigns for this. Select one of the many triggers in Spotler Mail+. You can even use achieving a certain lead score or obtaining a certain tag as a trigger for a specific campaign.


step 4: Analyse email and website behaviour

Profiles in Spotler CRM are filled with all available data from the email and website behaviour of contacts. Even if contacts via email are known but have not previously been identified on your website, this matching will take place when you click through from email to your site. You can make interesting analyses this way.


step 5: Create new nurturing programs

If you have insight into the interactions of your contacts via your mailings as well as via your site, this creates new opportunities to approach these contacts. You can give an extra high score to a contact who lands on a specific product page via email and has previously been interested in it. You then use that score for follow-up actions by your marketing and sales team.

Wondering how you too can optimise your conversion rates

Our experts will be happy to explain how our software enables you to turn website visitors into your customers.

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