Build stronger relationships with your audience

Engage and maintain connections with your target audience effortlessly. Enjoy a seamless experience with live chat, messaging, social media publishing and media monitoring, all in integrated in one clear and intuitive platform.


Always on your audience’s preferred channel

Your audience has questions, feedback, compliments and countless other messages they want to share through their preferred channel. Respond quickly and efficiently, no matter how the inquiry comes in, without losing track.

Stay informed and engaged

Monitor everything that is written and said about your organisation across social networks, forums and review platforms. Respond to messages and posts from a single unified platform.

All channels in one dashboard

Are your customers reaching out via social media, WhatsApp, messaging channels, live chat, review sites and forums? No problem! Consolidate all online customer communication in one clear and concise dashboard, ensuring you stay on top of everything.

Integrate chatbots

Overwhelmed by high volumes? Integrate chatbots to handle frequently asked questions, freeing up your employees to focus on more complex issues.

Gain insights and drive success

Dive deep into your data with the integrated social media analytics dashboard. Instantly gauge the engagement of your target audience, assess sentiment towards your brand and measure the impact of your content.

100% overview

With Spotler, all online communication channels converge into a single, streamlined overview, enabling your team to collaborate efficiently. Easily respond to all inquiries on your audience’s preferred channels, without losing track.

Insight into team performance

Identify peak moments, frequently asked questions, and average handling times per service employee. Gain valuable insights instantly through comprehensive analyses and reports.

Improved customer satisfaction

Offer quick and effective support by implementing chatbots for preparatory work. Ensure a seamless costumer experience for lasting relationships built on trust and reliability.

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