In August 2023, Simple Systems joined Spotler Group, enhancing our B2B marketing offering. Now, we move into the next phase, with the exciting launch of Spotler CRM, the marketer’s CRM.

At the end of August, we announced that Really Simple Systems had become part of Spotler Group, a company founded with the guiding principle of helping B2B marketing teams succeed.

At the time, we shared how Customer Relationship Management (CRM) was a critical part of the combined company’s strategy in delivering on this promise. Ask any B2B marketer; a CRM, especially one built for them and not just sales or customer service, is a critical cornerstone of their marketing technology stack. As the press release shared, this acquisition demonstrates how Spotler continues to “invest in a strong B2B offering to the market founded on marketing data and actionable audience insight.”

Thirty days later, we quickly moved on to the next phase of this strategy, with the launch of Spotler CRM, powered by Really Simple Systems technology. We believe this CRM stands out in the market as a CRM built for B2B marketing.

It has the same technology at its core, the same team, the same great customer service, the same great pricing and the same commitment to make our customers successful. But, now, the product is part of a marketing technology suite that includes automated omnichannel marketing, web and email personalization, social media management, visitor intelligence, brand monitoring and intelligent chatbots.

As we continue to focus on B2B marketers and invest and build on this platform, much of this technology will be integrated into the Spotler CRM platform, adding more insight and capabilities to support marketers who are driving contemporary account-based marketing strategies and building a CRM platform that is focused on the needs of B2B marketers.

The team behind Really Simple Systems has also included over 300 professionals with a diverse range of expertise and skills; all focused on the success of the over 4000 customers that Spotler has across the UK and Europe.

As they say, watch this space! This is just the start.