Today, Spotler Group announced the acquisition of CrossEngage, developer of an (international) Customer Intelligence platform. CrossEngage perfectly fits Spotler Group’s marketing technology product portfolio. Adding AI driven predictive modelling and audiences to the current CDP and CRM platforms within the Spotler Group makes these platforms more powerful in use for Spotler customers. At the same time will this acquisition open up the doors to the German market for Spotler as CrossEngage has its headquarter in Berlin.

Customer Data and Prediction Platform

CrossEngage, founded in 2015 has specialised itself in offering a platform that offers customers an easy way of identifying, prioritising and activating customer audiences. AI and predictive modelling determines the impact and urgency for reaching out to these audiences from a monetary impact point of view.

With this built-in audience management functionality it is then possible to target campaigns to the most valuable customer audiences and data can be activated to engage with these audiences via cross-channel customer journeys.

CrossEngage has 41 employees working from offices in Berlin and Hamburg, serving customers like Deutsche Bahn, Peek & Cloppenburg and ShopApotheke.

CrossEngage and the Spotler Group

The way CrossEngage has built its platform and the way AI and predictive modeling technologies are developed, CrossEngage perfectly fits the Spotler Group as this is a valuable addition for Spotler Group customers. With the use of CrossEngage the results of using personalized online channels to engage with customers will increase. It will lead to a better performance of marketing as a whole.

Lee Chadwick, CEO of the Spotler Group: 
I am super excited to finish a phenomenally successful year at the Spotler Group with the acquisition of Cross Engage GmbH. We have been looking to have a direct presence in the German market for 2 years now but never found the right match, so this is really the icing on our 2023 cake.

In addition to establishing ourselves in two key German locations (Berlin and Hamburg) we also find ourselves with a fantastic group of new colleagues and super powerful and complimentary AI technology. We are very much looking forward to taking Email, Website Personalisation and Search to the German market place and also enhancing the existing, prestigious CrossEngage customer base with these fully integrated complementary technologies. Meanwhile, also being able to coincide our AI powered content technology releases in our existing European markets with some super cool additional AI micro segmentation at the same time.

2024 really is going to be an exciting time for current and new Spotler customers. Our fantastic team is ready, willing and able to drive further customer value from our products.” 

Björn Goerke, Managing Director of CrossEngage:
The Spotler Group is exactly the right partner for CrossEngage’s further growth and product development. With a comprehensive product range in the CRM area, the group’s offerings are complementary to our Customer Intelligence Platform. We are excited and very much looking forward to working together as part of the Spotler Group to seize these new opportunities.

Florian Heinemann, former chairman of the advisory board of CrossEngage:
We are pleased that CrossEngage has found a new, very suitable home with the Spotler Group. CrossEngage now has the unique opportunity to combine its pioneering product with Spotler’s comprehensive CRM offering and successfully market it throughout Europe.

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