Display the right products in the right way in your webshop

Clearly present your product catalogue. Make sure each product page shows the right products correctly. That increases the conversion.


Determine the visibility and promotion method yourself

With Merchandising you have full control over the way your products are promoted on the different pages of your webshop. That’s a good thing because no one knows your webshop as well as you do. You can increase the visibility of your promotions, promote the products you have in stock more or simply display the best-selling items more prominently.

Set rules to better rank products

You can set Ranking Rules based on product features or specific keywords. This way you can place items with a certain combination of properties in a conversion position: for example, red clothing items with a discount on the days leading up to Christmas. Our ranking rules are a smart way to improve the presentation of your products.

Plan a promotion method

You can set how you display and promote items in your webshop in different ways. But it doesn’t all have to be done manually. You can also schedule a preference for your merchandising status. You can even define multiple statuses and decide which one is active. In this way, the presentation and promotion of your items always match the (seasonal) campaigns of your webshop.

Generic Ranking Rules

If you’ve set up ranking rules, you don’t have to do it again for every page. You can select the set rules for your entire webshop.

Specific Ranking Rules

Of course, you can also apply the set rules to some pages of your webshop. The application of ranking rules is flexible.

Insight into performance

With Merchandise you always gain insight into the performance of your presentation and promotion method. After all, measuring is knowing. And with the latter, you can improve again.

Personalised Merchandising

You can further improve the display of your products by tailoring them to individual preferences and individual web behaviour.

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