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What is Spotler Activate?

Spotler Activate is a Customer Data Platform (CDP). This is software that compiles customer data from various systems to create 360-degree customer profiles. With this, you can create detailed target audience segments, automate marketing tasks, and highly personalize your website for your customers.

Which types of companies would benefit from using Spotler Activate?

The majority of our clients fall into the e-commerce or travel category. However, we also have B2B clients utilizing our software. Perhaps the funnel of an online store looks different from that of a business website focused on lead generation, but fundamentally, there are quite a few similarities. Spotler Activate encompasses so many features that the platform can always play a role. View our customer success stories.

Is there a transparent pricing model for Spotler Activate?

Spotler Activate operates on a SaaS (Software as a Service) model. This means that a monthly fee is charged for the use of Spotler Activate. Prices are based on the number of sessions your website processes per month. View the pricing page for all current prices.

What if my question is not listed in the FAQ?

If your question is not listed here, you can always ask our customer service in our Help Center.

Spotler Activate Usage

How do you get started with Spotler Activate?

We have a selection of Success Cases. There’s always one that suits your needs. Upon becoming a customer, we offer an onboarding process that will map out and set up the entire implementation. Additionally, there is a dedicated Customer Success Management (CSM) team that not only assists during onboarding but is always ready to help you get back on track whenever needed.

Is training available?

Video training courses are available in Dutch and English. There are also Success Cases with which certain standard templates can be easily implemented.

How do you implement Spotler Activate?

If you choose to start with Spotler Activate, you will work with us to develop a plan for the usage. Together we’ll determine what exactly you want to achieve with Spotler Activate and how that can be implemented. This is usually done based on our use cases. As soon as the desired outcome is known, an appropriate implementation plan will be drawn up and carried out with the development departments of your organization as of Spotler Activate. It depends on the plan, but usually this process takes two weeks.

Can the CDP predict churn and conversion probability?

That’s certainly possible. With our Premium CDP features you can create an RFM model for the customer data. This makes it possible to calculate certain risks. That could be used to predict churn. Audiences can be created based on this. It is also possible to make a combination of high customer value and high conversion. With this, you can not only predict when conversion could take place, but also how valuable it could be.

Is Spotler Activate easy to use?

We often hear this as feedback. It is of course very important that you know what you want to achieve with Spotler Activate. Once that is clear, the possibilities are finally and fairly easy to realize with Spotler Activate. If for whatever reason it doesn’t work, our CSM team is ready for you.

Do you need a lot of technical knowledge to use Spotler Activate?

Not necessarily. It should be possible to achieve all objectives with common sense. However, it may be necessary to have some JavaScript and CSS knowledge to visually align Spotler Activate personalisations and campaigns with your website.

What are some results of automated mail flows?

Due to the high relevance, there should be hardly anyone who unsubscribes anymore. Open rates can differ on topic, but some of our clients have experienced a growth of more than 50%!

Which e-commerce platforms can you connect to the CDP of Spotler Activate?

An easy integration can be made with Magento 2, Moneybird and Lightspeed. View our integrations for a complete overview.

Which ESP’s can you connect Spotler Activate to?

The Email Service Providers that our Customer Data Platform can easily connect to are Bookerz, Deployteq, Copernica, Mailchimp, MailJet, Spotler Mail+ and Spotler MailPro. View our integrations for a complete overview.

What external channels can you connect Spotler Activate to?

Our Customer Data Platform is ready to send data to Digital Audience, Meta platforms Facebook & Instagram, Google Ads, Google Ad Manager, Google Mobile, Google Analytics, Salesforce, Selligent, Bookerz, Criteo, Platform 161, Itsperfect, Spotler Leads and Klaviyo. View our integrations for a complete overview.

Can you export and import data into/from Spotler Activate?

It is possible to import and export all customer data from Spotler Activate as a CSV file.

Which Content Management Systems does Spotler Activate work with?

Spotler Activate works with all Content Management Systems possible. WordPress, Webflow, Drupal, Craft, Joomla of Shopify; no problem.


Does Spotler Activate meet all the requirements according to the GDPR?

Yes, a processing agreement is signed stating that the customer remains the owner of the data. Spotler Activate is just the way the data is processed.

How reliable is Spotler Activate?

We have an average uptime of 99.9%.

How can Spotler Activate ensure product safety?

Spotler Activate requires a high complexity standard for passwords and credentials to be stored encrypted in the database.

Does Spotler Activate work based on first party cookies or third party cookies?

At Spotler Activate we use first party cookies. All data is therefore completely in your hands.

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