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“Wow, how cool!” That is exactly the reason why they started developing photo wallpapers at in 2018. And even today this is still a frequently heard reaction from customers when they have photo wallpaper on the wall. Photos that make an impact. Life size on the wall. Within they guarantee this effect, so they work hard to make every customer a happy customer.

At, quality comes first. This is reflected in the hundreds of positive responses they receive from customers every month. Are you not satisfied? Then they will personally ensure that you do. One simple message and they will contact you immediately.

In collaboration with digital agency Increase, they have set up a strategy to optimize their website with Spotler Activate. First of all, two customer journeys were drawn up, each with detailed personalization.

Sample request

Visitors to the website have the opportunity to order a sample of their wallpaper. They step into a flow to take a journey, in which they can make a purchase in the meantime. As soon as the visitor proceeds to conversion, the customer journey is ended.

The first objective that had to be achieved among the visitors to the website is to request a sample. As soon as this request has been made, Spotler Activate assumes that a customer journey will start that should ensure that people eventually make a purchase. For this, a sequence of 4 emails has been drawn up that looks like this:

Mail 0:
We inform the visitor that the sample is being produced, that it will be delivered within a few days and that we would like to hear how the sample is experienced.

Mail 1:
We ask whether the sample has been received in good order and if there are any questions. We also explain how to place an order.

Mail 2:
This mail explains the options for making a photo wallpaper.

Mail 3:
A discount code is offered to buy photo wallpaper with a discount. The visitor can make a purchase after receiving each email, but it is also possible that after sample mail 3 no conversion is made. After a purchase and after receipt of the last mail, the flow is ended.

With every email, Spotler Activate checks whether a purchase has already been made. It can of course always be the case that, even after a discount code, a purchase has not been made. Then the journey will end.

First purchase

When a visitor has become a customer because he has placed an order, the customer will receive an email after 24 hours with tips to start the preparatory work. This also indicates that the production of the chosen photo wallpaper has been started.

Website personalisation

With Spotler Activate you can check where the customer is in the decision-making process. If it notices a visitor shows interest but doesn’t proceed to the buying phase, Spotler Activate activates a notification bar on the website with a discount. This has resulted in a conversion increase of no less than 39%.

If a product is then viewed 35 times within 24 hours, a striking pop-up will appear. This is the ‘Persuasion element’ which indicates how many times the wallpaper has already been viewed. This element serves as a nudge to encourage a purchase. If the minimum number of views is not achieved, the number will be dropped, but the pop-up will remain without a number. By showing this banner to a visitor who enters through Spotler Activate, the conversion increases by 39% compared to a regular visitor who does not see the banner.

With these customer journeys that are loaded via Spotler Activate and managed by Increase, has therefore considerably optimized its website.

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