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About MaxiAxi

MaxiAxi was founded in 2009 based on the dream of making quality lighting and sound equipment accessible to everyone. A go to place for audiovisual equipment, ranging from the best speakers for your home, to entire light shows and karaoke sets that raise the bar for any party. Next to consumer electronics, MaxiAxi is also a supplier of professional light and sound equipment to businesses.

MaxiAxi is part of the Tronios group, one of Europe’s largest players in the field of audiovisual products and imports a large number of their own brands. Its objective ‘ Value for money’ , makes Tronios a seamless fit to MaxiAxi’ s objective: providing audiovisual equipment at the right price.

The challenge

In addition to the best price, MaxiAxi is focused on providing the best possible service to its customers. Ever since the beginning the company has made an effort to be at the forefront of developments in the area of customer service. MaxiAxi guarantees a fast delivery to your home, delivery to a conveniently located collection point, free shipping and free returns. In order to take the service level for the online store to an even higher level, MaxiAxi started looking for a solution to provide product advice tailored to the wishes and needs of their individual customers. This demand for personalization kicked off a search for a suitable Customer Data Platform (CDP). The initial CDP partner selected for this job did not yet achieve the results MaxiAxi had in mind.

“It just took too much time to gain the needed know-how to work with this platform and setting up campaigns was always a challenge.”
– Sven van Laar, General Manager at MaxiAxi

At this point in time Spotler Activate was introduced to MaxiAxi by their marketing automation partner Bookerz. The user-friendly interface was exactly what MaxiAxi was looking for in a CDP. Not long after the introduction Bookerz was commissioned to lead implementation efforts.

A personal touch to every email

Using the CDP MaxiAxi outlined their goal to provide the various target groups with recommendations based on their personal behaviour and suitable to their individual preferences. This is achieved in several ways, where the main focus is put on using marketing automation within the email marketing domain.

When implementing Spotler Activate into the technology stack for MaxiAxi, Bookerz made use of their own multichannel integration adapter. With this adapter, data can be easily shared between different sources.

Data from the online store is shared into Spotler Activate, and is then matched to the website data collected by Spotler Activate. Using the CDP automated triggers can be created. These triggers are sent back to the Bookerz Multichannel adapter, which accurately directs these triggers towards email platform Copernica. Using the multichannel adapter a seamless integration into the marketing technology stack of MaxiAxi was done in no time at all.

To send email triggers via Spotler Activate, it is vital to be able to match customer’ s cookies to their email addresses. The Bookerz multichannel adapter automatically provides Spotler Activate with all email addresses and their associated consent levels. Unique IDs are then added to all outgoing email campaigns in Copernica. When a link in the email is clicked, a match is immediately created between the cookie and the e-mail address of the visitor. From that moment on, the website behaviour can be used to send automated email triggers to the connected email platform. Within these triggered emails personalised product blocks are show to users, filled with recommendations based on their browsing and on-site click behaviour.

Improved open rates and conversion-enhancing campaigns

In addition to adding personalised product blocks, MaxiAxi has taken the email channel as a whole to the next level. Personalised Spotler Activate product sets are displayed above the footer of each email campaign. These blocks are pre-designed and retrieved via a live feed. As a result, each email had different product recommendations tailored to the recipient. One customer might receive an email that shows specific products from a category of interest, while another customer receives recommendations based on a maximum amount they are likely to shop for. To maximise relevance, previous purchases can be excluded from recommendations at an individual level. This way a customer does not receive any recommendations that they already own. After adding these personalised blocks to our campaigns, turnover from all opened emails has increased by 14%!

This success is based on the following Spotler Activate triggers and product recommendations used by MaxiAxi in the email domain:

When a customer has left the website and has not added any items to the shopping cart, a personalized email is sent. In this mail all last viewed products are shown with a set of recommended products below.

The customer enters this journey when a product is added to the shopping cart. If no order has been placed within 1 hour and the customer has left the website, a trigger is sent to Copernica. An email will then be sent to the customer where all products from the shopping cart are dynamically loaded, with personal product recommendations based on their site browse- and click behaviour. Results show that more than 24% of customers make a purchase within 3 days of receiving this email.

Together with Bookerz, MaxiAxi has set up a number of Cross- and Upsell campaigns that are specifically designed for to promote products within product groups. After a predetermined number of days (which is flexible and can be determined per event) customers will receive emails with tips, tricks and manuals about their purchased product. These emails also feature recommend products that are based on the customer’s profile and always match the product group used in the campaign. Using the dynamic product sets in Spotler Activate makes it possible to filter on the inventory level of the displayed products. This ensures that the displayed offer is always up to date and available for purchase.

MaxiAxi has a target audience that contains fans of ‘second-chance’ items. These items have been returned by other customers, but are still in mint condition. Choosing the second-chance option ensures an extra competitive price to the customer. This campaign is sent automatically every month using automatically updated products sourced from a dynamic product set in Spotler Activate. To make sure Spotler Activate’ s algorithms can be filtered specifically for second-chance products, custom fields were used. Using these custom fields, the product feed source indicates to Spotler Activate whether a product is available as ‘second-chance’. Dynamic filtering can be applied to the product set based on these custom fields. This ensures Spotler Activate’ s algorithms always calculate the most suitable second-chance product for the recipient of the email. A great showcase of the flexibility of the Spotler Activate platform.

Always looking for improvements

MaxiAxi continues to innovate in the field of marketing automation. “With Spotler Activate as CDP, we see many opportunities to set up great marketing campaigns together with Bookerz in the coming years,” says Sven, general manager at MaxiAxi.

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