Contact Management

All interactions of your contacts together

All communications with your prospects, customers and contacts can be found quickly and clearly in Spotler CRM. This way you can immediately start follow-up actions and share them with your sales or marketing team.


Save all data

Through the comprehensive overview of all interactions with your contacts, you improve the customer experience and the involvement of your customers with your organisation. Of course, our CRM stores more than just names and addresses. Every time a contact reports by email, or telephone or participates in an event or downloads a document from you, our CRM records this interaction. Arranged in a summarised timeline.

Enrich data with email and web behaviour

Customers communicate via multiple channels. Make it easy for your sales and marketing team to access valuable information, such as specific content that brought customers to your website or the number of visits to your pricing or product pages. Use this to qualify leads, tailor communications, and make informed decisions about the right contact with customers and prospects.

Let our CRM work for you and not the other way around

Spotler CRM should reflect how you prefer to work. That is why you can adapt our CRM to your wishes and needs. You can edit, add or delete contact fields. There are several options for menu views, opportunity lines, and CRM objects. The dashboard can be personalised via various widgets. This way you can always see the data that is important to you at a glance.

Lead scoring

Set rules and next steps to qualify contacts. Find out who is an important lead or who has entered your sales pipeline.

Advanced search functionality

Spotler CRM makes searching your accounts and contacts very easy. You will see that you will quickly find what you are looking for.

Add Outlook emails

You can also add business communication via Outlook or Microsoft Office 365 to Spotler CRM.

Task and notes

Do you take notes of your communications with customers or prospects? And do you want to follow up with tasks for the rest of your team? No problem in Spotler CRM.

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