A/B testing

Improve your mailings with A/B testing

Test which email scores best and send the winning variant to the rest group. Discover what works with your target groups.


A/B testing: automatic or manual

Send the winning variant based on the most opens or most clicks. Spotler Mail+ can automatically determine and send the winning variant. Would you rather do this manually? Of course that is also possible. Then set up an email notification so that you will receive the results of the A/B test in your inbox immediately after the test duration.

Learn more about your target groups

With A/B testing you learn what works and what doesn’t work for your target groups. You will gain a lot of insight into the preferences of your contact database. Spotler Mail+ ensures that you see these insights in clear reports. This gives you information about the specific link that scored the best and which variant had the most opens. You will receive information about the influence of the test duration on the scores.

Optimise your email marketing automation

For example, once you know that your recipients prefer to click on a text link, you add those links to your next mailing. Insight into the preferences of your recipients improves your marketing. The learning effect of A/B testing is great. You will not be the first to be surprised by the outcome of an A/B test.


“You can send regular mailings to larger batches faster than campaign emails. This gives you a valid test result faster. But if you look at the content, campaign emails change much less than regular newsletters. All of this affects the reliability and duration of A/B testing.”

Joep van Ham Team lead Email Marketing at Happy Horizon

More opens?

Set up an A/B test by subject line, snippet or sender name. Do not test all three at the same time, but one by one. Otherwise, your test results will not be reliable.

More clicks?

Set up an A/B test on calls-to-action, text links, type of content, images or the layout of your mailings. Who knows, a button to the right of an image might work better than to the left of it.

More conversion?

For more conversion, you should look at conversion clicks. The links behind these clicks are also in images, calls-to-action and in words and titles. Set up an A/B test and find out more about these important links.

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