Image editor

Edit your images with our useful editor

Easily edit images for beautiful newsletters and campaign emails.


Image editor with many options

In our useful and built-in image editor, you can crop, rotate, and resize images and round corners. You can also improve images by applying filters. You can also add text, shapes, and a background to your images. You don’t need separate software for minor adjustments. Our image editor will help you get started right away.

Create personalised images

Add a text field to your image, adjust the font and select the colour you want. You can rotate the text and put it in perspective so that the text matches the image well. Of course, in addition to first names, you can also use other database fields to display in the image.

More conversion with a countdown timer

Increase the urgency of your call to action with a countdown timer. In Spotler Mail+ you can quickly create an image that counts down to the start of an event or the end of the sale. Or turn it around: count from a specific event. And has the countdown or countdown time passed? Then you can automatically show a replacement image.

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