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Create landing pages that convert

Create effective landing pages in your own corporate identity with Spotler Mail+.


Landing pages in your own corporate identity

Spotler Mail+ is equipped with a module in which you can create landing pages. This can be useful if not everyone has access to the backend of your website and you want to give marketers the option to create landing pages for specific email campaigns. Of course: in your own corporate identity, with little distraction and focused on conversion.

Personalise your landing pages

Just like with mailings, you can also personalise the landing page and provide it with dynamic content. If your contacts click through to the landing page from a mailing, you can completely customise the page to the properties of the contact. For example, adjust titles, copy and images to make the experience more personal and relevant for your contacts.

With useful prefill options

You can prefill questions in forms and surveys with the data you already have for the contact, such as their name and email address. This makes your forms and surveys more accessible and will ultimately have a positive effect on conversion. Recipients appreciate it if they do not have to fill in already-known information again.

Integrate forms and surveys

You can easily place forms and surveys that you have created on the landing pages in Spotler Mail+.

Follow up with thank you pages

Of course you can follow up landing pages with a thank you page. And if you want, you can integrate the thank you page with your website.

Use for event registration

Many customers gratefully use our landing pages for event registration. We see that they are used a lot for this.

Add YouTube or Vimeo video

Add the video content block, add the appropriate YouTube or Vimeo link and your video is placed on your landing page.

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