The ideal software for creating newsletters

Spotler Mail+ is designed so that any marketer or communications specialist can effortlessly create a newsletter.


Create well-performing newsletters

With our email editor, you can easily create beautiful email messages. The smart content blocks and extensive drag & drop function work quickly and flexibly. You fill the elements with the desired content. You add padding, the background colour, the alignment and anything else you want to adjust. You don’t need any HTML knowledge for it. The editor does all the work for you.

Always in the correct template

In the email editor, you can start with a blank design, but that is not necessary. You can also start from a standard template that you have loaded yourself with your corporate identity features. During onboarding, we discuss whether the options of our editors meet your needs. You can also let us design special content blocks or put us to work if you want a completely custom email design.

Extensive design and layout elements

With the extensive layout options of Spotler Mail+, you can create good newsletters with a cool design. These options are included with your license, you do not have to pay extra for them. Consider personalised images, countdown timers, an extensive image editor or the ability to upload documents.

Suitable for multiple devices

You always use templates that are optimised for each device so that your mailings look good on desktop, tablet and mobile.

Use dynamic content

You can make each content block in your newsletter optional and send it to a specific group of recipients.

Send emails again smartly

With Spotler Mail+ you can easily schedule a repeat send to contacts who have not opened your newsletter.

Combine with landing pages

Landing pages are ideal for placing ‘more information’ texts, videos, surveys and forms. This way you can directly use e-mail to aim for measurable conversion.

Would you like to see our software?

Then schedule a free online demo! We would be happy to show you how easy it is to create a newsletter with our software and what you can expect from a collaboration with Spotler.

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