SMS mailings

Discover the marketing power of the SMS message

Surprise your target group and send them a text message. This is possible via Spotler Mail+.


SMS does not require internet

An SMS message is short and clear. It is a standard part of every mobile phone and you do not need an internet connection to receive a message. SMS is still an effective and powerful communication channel. After all, the messages are noticeable when they arrive and they are almost always read.

Easy to personalise and plan

With Spotler Mail+ you can easily create and send SMS messages to large target groups. You can prepare and schedule the messages. And make them personal. For example, include the recipient’s first name in the message. Furthermore, your company name is always displayed as the sender on the recipient’s phone.

Combine SMS with email

SMS messages can easily be part of a larger campaign that also includes email. SMS is especially useful when organizing events. This way you can follow your last event email with a see you later message. Or if you want to announce some final change before starting, SMS is also useful.

Want to know more about our software?

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